Quality of Life Foundation

Quality of Life Foundation responds to emergency requests for respite funding, loans, clothing, apartment & utility deposits, rent supplement, transportation aid, funeral monetary assistance, bond funds, communication boards, and specialized equipment often denied by Medicaid as well as to many other needs identified after all public assistance has been exhausted. 

Quality of Life Foundation is governed by, up to, an eight-person board of directors – all volunteer – who approve projects and related expenses and requests for funds from individuals. Ninety- five percent of all monies raised or received by Quality of Life Foundation are reserved and spent directly on behalf of persons with intellectual disabilities in Lancaster County.


  • Every person has value.
  • Every person is capable of growth and learning through community experiences.
  • Every person can experience life in the most natural and normal of settings.
  • Every person has the right to be the primary decision maker in his/her life and carries the responsibility for the direction it takes.
  • Every person is protected by the full weight of the U.S. Constitution and its Amendments.
  • Every person is considered for participation in all Quality of Life Foundation projects without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, creed, age, sex or level of handicap.

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Our Impact

Since inception, the Foundation has provided grants and loans for a variety of needs and quality of life requests to those in Lancaster County with intellectual disability that are not met in other ways. The type of support provided is quite immense, but has included to name a few: rent deposits, utility expenses, adaptive equipment, iPad, bikes, some types of transportation, trip/travel expenses, clothing, summer camp fees, and levels of support toward legal fees for guardianship appointment needs. 

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Your generous support can make a world of difference! Please consider contributing to our cause today and help us continue our mission. Every donation, no matter the size, brings us one step closer to achieving our goals.

Donations can be mailed to: 

Quality of Life Foundation  
c/o First Nebraska Trust  
P.O. Box 81667  
Lincoln, NE 68501

Or contact the foundation for more information.

Master Pooled Trust

Special Needs Trust Option

ADVANTAGE: The Quality of Life Foundation, since 1995, has administered a Master Pooled Trust for the benefit of disabled persons. The Master Pooled Trust provides and option for a separate trust to be established for the disabled person which is similarly structured as other types of self-settled special need trusts. One of the main advantages is continuity of trustee as an entity versus a person as well as less time and less cost to establish. The Foundation does not provide any legal counsel or advice as to individual's or their guardian's decision to utilize the Master Pool Trust Agreement. 

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